Bear Hunting Tips

4 Hunting Tips for a Successful Trip

Of all the exciting hunting trips there are in North America, perhaps nothing matches the excitement of going after a bear. The black bear is a wily and deadly prey that requires hunters stalk it with true cunning and bravery. If you want to go after a Maine black bear, then you should follow this guide to the five best hunting tips to ensure a successful bear trip.

1. Be Silent

When you are bear hunting, silence is crucial. Black bears are very skittish animals, and you can easily scare them off if you are not quiet.

2. Use Scent Covers

Along with keeping quiet, you always need to approach from downwind of them so that they will not smell you coming. Tobacco smoke is such a strong odor that it will instantly send bears running if they smell it. If you are a smoker, you need to curb your urge to smoke for the duration of the hunt. You also need to avoid having any other strong odors on your person, including things like gasoline, cologne and pet odors.

3. Keep Calm

When you are bear hunting in Maine, you need to remain calm at all times. If you get too excited when you spot a black bear, then you will most likely miss your shot. Take a few deep breaths when you see the bear. Make sure that you are calm and focused when you line up the shot. Never rush the shot. Take it slowly and precisely to ensure a good trophy.

4. Stay Safe

You need to be safe while bear hunting. This means always taking care to keep your gun properly secured to avoid an accident, always be completely aware of your surroundings before you fire a shot, and make sure that you hit a vital organ on the bear to kill it as quickly as possible.