Bear Hunting Tips

5 Black Bear Hunting Tips To Help You Get a Kill

Are you looking to try a whole new hunting experience? Then the guided black bear and moose hunting offered here at Northern Hideaway Outfitters could help you do just that. Today, we will walk you through our favorite black bear hunting tips to help you have the most success on your big game hunting trip. Read on to find out the five best black bear hunting tips that our experienced team of hunting guides recommends:

1. Be Silent and Still

When you are black bear hunting, silence is crucial. Black bears tend to be very skittish animals, and you can easily scare them off if you are not quiet. Make sure all your movements are in slow motion.

2. Use Scent Covers and Hunter's Soup

When it comes time for you to approach a black bear to kill it, you always want to approach downwind so that they will not smell you coming. For example, tobacco smoke is such a strong odor that it will instantly send bears running away if they smell it. So, if you are a smoker, you need to curb that habit when black bear hunting. You also want to avoid having any other strong odors on your person like gasoline, cologne, or pet odors. Scent suppressing clothes and rubber boots are suggested.

3. Keep Calm

When you are bear hunting at our outfitter's, you need to remain calm at all times. If you get too excited when you first spot a black bear, you are likely to miss your shot. Instead, take a few deep breaths when you see a black bear. Make sure that you are calm and you are focused when you line up your shot. This is true whether you are hunting with a bow and arrow or rifle.

4. Stay Safe

Bear hunting is like any form of hunting; you need to make sure that you are aware of your surroundings at all times. Take care to keep your gun properly secured to avoid any accidents. Also, make sure to try to kill the bear in a vital organ when you shoot so that it can be killed as quickly as possible.

5. Find or Provide The Food Source

Bears are omnivores, which means they eat both meat and plants. They also have a sweet tooth, so we suggest providing donuts and other sweet treats as bait. At Northern Hideaway Outfitters, we use bait hunting as our tactic to help you see even more black bears.

It is our hope that by following some of these black bear hunting tips, you can have success and a chance at a black bear kill. If you are interested in participating in our guided and unguided hunting trips for black bears, sign up today to secure your spot for this fall!

4 Easy To Follow Moose Hunting Tips For Beginners

Another exciting thing about using our Maine hunting outfitter is that we offer guided moose hunting. Because we offer this additional hunting service, our guided hunting experts decided to make a list of moose hunting tips as well. We hope these increase your chances of seeing and shooting a moose on our outfitter. Our favorite four moose hunting tips are below:

1. 1. Use Scent Covers

Just like with black bear hunting, make sure that you are hunting downwind. Because moose have such a sensitive nose, it is important to hunt with the wind blowing towards you so that they don't smell you. We have found that moose are normally very wary of man, and if they catch a scent of humans, they will leave the area immediately.

2. Pick one area to focus on

Though we offer 136,000 acres for you to hunt black bears and moose during your visit, it is important not to spread yourself too thin. With our hunting guides, we help you to scout the best areas to both see and hunt moose.

3. Hunt away from noise and other hunters

As stated above, moose are very wary of humans, and any sound can spook them. Luckily, here at Northern Hideaway Outfitters, we have access to 136,000 acres to give you plenty of space to hunt apart from other hunters. We are located in Zone 1, which has the highest density of moose in the lower 48 and is often considered the most remote.

4. Hunt for moose near easy to access food sources and water

Having Big Black River, St. John River, Depot Streams, and numerous other ponds and streams on our property helps attract moose and calves looking for places to drink easily.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to help up your chances of bagging a moose. If you are interested in moose hunting this fall or getting more moose hunting tips in person, contact us today to secure your spot!

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When it comes to both moose and black bear hunting, it is important to educate yourself. It is our goal to help our future hunters have a safe and memorable hunting experience. With our hands-on crew and trained hunting guides, spots in our hunting trips fill up fast. Fill out an online form to secure your spot today!