Maine Bull Moose Tag

Valuable Bull Moose Tag Up For Grabs!

Are you looking to have an unforgettable moose hunting experience? At Northern Hideaway Outfitters, we offer guided moose hunting trips each fall. However, this year, we also have a very valuable bull moose tag up for grabs. This tag allows two individuals to hunt during the moose rutting season and have access to a hunting guide, lodging, and meals for this time frame. This Maine bull moose tag is available to non-residents and will be completely signed over to you from our outfitter upon purchase. If you are interested in purchasing this tag from our hunting outfitter, contact us today for more information!

Purchase Our Maine Non-Resident Moose Tag For An Unforgettable Hunting Experience

If you are an experienced moose hunter looking for a once and a lifetime experience, we recommend purchasing a Maine non-resident moose tag. Here is what is included in this hunting experience:

  • Prime access to hunting during the moose rutting season ( September 26-October 1st)
  • Lodging & meals for the duration of your stay
  • One on one hunting with a moose hunting guide
  • Game recovery that includes- skinning, quartering, and removal from the woods
  • Signed over bull moose tag
  • Zone 1, where we are located, is the premier place to hunt in the lower 48 states

The price of this tag is currently $22,000. Though two people can come on this excursion, only one moose can be bagged. If you are interested in purchasing our Maine non-resident moose tag, contact us today!