Bear Hunt Results

Guided Bear Hunt Results 2021

The 2021 season was relatively quiet from a business owner's perspective. The baiting season was hot and dry, which means the roads were in good shape. I spent more time in shorts this year than probably the 10 previous years combined. And, because the roads were good, I only had 2 flat tires all year; that is the least amount I can ever remember. Of course, we had our normal beaver issues with multiple roads closed due to dams flooding the road. This year there was more logging than normal with 6 different logging operations going at various times. The wood market changed almost daily, so foresters were scrambling to find the type of wood they needed to fulfill contracts and keep the men working.

The bear hunt wasn't great, but we had acceptable results, with 14 of 28 hunters harvesting a bear. Bear weights were good. The largest of the season was 318 lbs. taken with a bow by Len Calahan of Tenn. Four were wounded, and multiple others were passed or didn't offer a shot, or the hunter simply screwed up.

We guided 2 parties for moose the first moose week. One party killed a bull Tuesday at 40 yards, stand hunting an area frequented by moose. The other party killed a bull Thursday that was called into 40 yards. We proved again that we could adapt a moose hunt to the ability and preference of each individual hunter.

We are currently booking for next year. We will continue to offer a guarantee at a legal moose on our moose hunts, or we will refund 50%.

We cannot offer a guarantee on our bear hunts other than to say at the end of the week you will say "they didn't lie to us" and "they did everything they could to get me a bear." Nate and I will continue to provide a quality hunt at a fair price, providing an adventure and memories of a lifetime. Contact us today to secure your place for our 2022 fall hunting season!

God Bless & Happy Hunting,
Curt Enck